“wide mirror legs” foakley sunglasses

I have a colleague whose sunglasses are almost on her face. The degree of her dependence on sunglasses can be summarized as: As long as it is not cloudy or night, the sunglasses appear on the face on time. Sunglasses are both essential accessories and protective colors for her. Although a little bit proud, she has to admit that her taste is pretty good! Recently, she bought a few “wide mirror legs” foakley sunglasses, which caused a rush in the editorial department.

Ultra-wide glasses legs are eye-catching enough. The key is that this style is also very commuting, and it is not exaggerated for daily wear.

This year, many big brands have begun to make sunglasses with wide temples, and they wear one to lie by the swimming pool on vacation. It’s so beautiful.

Now the sunglasses styles are more versatile, such as the inner circle and the outer square. Round (ellipse) lenses are responsible for liveliness, while square frames are perfect for the face shape.

The brown frame has a retro feel, which will be fashionable after many years.

wide mirror legs foakley sunglasses
wide mirror legs foakley sunglasses

The smaller the lens, the more retro.

For girls with more pronounced mandibles, rectangular sunglasses with sharp edges and corners are more suitable.

I don’t know when, one of the trend of sunglasses has become “the upper edge of the frame is connected in a line.”

Some styles do not even have a partition in the bridge of the nose, and the left and right lenses are connected into a whole piece.

If the lens is large enough, it looks like goggles worn during extreme sports such as skiing and skydiving.

Girls who don’t have a high nose bridge should remember to choose a style with nose pads, which will make the face line more upright.

Sunglasses with wide temples are simply the gospel for girls with long faces, and thicker temples can effectively reduce the slenderness of the face.

The big logo on the temples is the finishing touch, very eye-catching.

When a golden hollow logo is added to the wide temples, the black sunglasses are instantly unusual and domineering.

If you think the large hollow logo is too exaggerated, you can choose a style that simply prints the logo.

The white frame + black lens has a sci-fi inside taste, especially when the frames and temples are irregularly designed, which highlights the sense of the future.

The enlarged frame and wider temples of oversized sunglasses visually fill in the width of the face and neutralize the chin line, making people younger, more punk, and more fashionable when going out on the street.

Candy-colored sunglasses are a combination of childlike and retro style, and a look is a Y2K-style blockbuster.

The exaggerated wide frame + colored lens design is a bit more interesting on the basis of coolness.

This pair of lemon yellow sunglasses weakened the frame, full of summer feeling.

To say that color-framed sunglasses seems to never be enough to buy, for example, you must prepare at least 5 or 6 pairs to match the clothes.

The brighter the color, the better the mood. Aurora blue sunglasses with wide temples are very suitable for street-concave styles.

The light blue is close to the transparent large frame cheap Oakley sunglasses, more retro and fashionable, with such a wide frame and a small face.

In addition to good sun protection in summer, beautiful fake Oakley sunglasses are also essential.

Its existence can really cover up its shortcomings and enhance its appearance. Choosing the right style will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

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