The Development Trend of Glasses


For this reason, foakley sunglasses have launched many new glasses with unique shapes. They pay more attention to the comfort and safety now. Among them, the rise of foakleys optical frames has demonstrated this latest concept.

foakley sunglasses
foakley sunglasses

VERSACE new product live display

This event revolved around the theme of optical glasses and comprehensively introduced the knowledge of optical glasses to consumers. And released its first optical glasses “3D-Comfort” brand new comfort concept. The aim is to raise the eye health and wearing comfort of long-term wearers of optical glasses.

In this event, Luxottica exhibited its 10 major brands, including Ray-Ban, Vogue, Prada, Miu Miu, Dolce&Gabbana, Burberry, Versace, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Coach and the latest international eyewear trends :

Ray Ban RB3475Q pink frame frame

The trend of retro glasses is still in the limelight this season. Various brands have launched works that pay tribute to the fashion trends of the 1950s and 1960s. The round, cat-eye-shaped frame glows with new colors, and the retro outline adds modern and fashionable decorative elements to merge into a unique and gorgeous work. Ray Ban Round Metal RB3475Q is hand-stitched with bright color and exquisite leather details, showing a novel and bold fashion style.

The women’s series launched by Versace this season pays tribute to the glamorous 50s, precious and more feminine, and embellished with Baroque elements. The male model is more urban, using camouflage decorations popular in the 1980s as the core pattern. Oliver Peoples, a brand loved by Hollywood stars for its exquisite retro style, is still retro this season. The exquisite details show its unique taste and super high quality.

MIUMIU SMU-54N frame inspired by movies of the 1940s

This season, there are many new glasses with exaggerated shapes, highlighting the brand’s unique design elements and unique style, both fashionable and artistic. The gorgeous decoration details are refreshing, and make the glasses design glow with unlimited creativity and attractiveness.

This season Miu Miu has taken to its extreme a naive, light and sometimes cynical style unique to its brand. Inspired by the SMU 10N in the “black” style of the 1940s movie and the especially derived SMU 54N. The graceful curves and round outlines all show the unique charm of the brand.

Vogue this season’s new product IN Vogue series VO2757S

The trend of mixing and matching materials has spread from fashion catwalks to eyewear design. This season, brands have introduced the use of different materials such as plates and metals, metal and leather, or adding details. Create a unique design style under great visual contrast.

The VO2757S model of Vogue’s new IN Vogue series this season presents an unbelievable look. The cat-eye injection molded mirror frame perfectly contrasts with the thin metal temples. Shows extraordinary lightness and perfect comfort.

Dolce&Gabbana DG4151

The delightful fruit color system still blooms with dazzling brilliance this autumn, showing the youthful and energetic atmosphere. The use of innovative technical materials makes the frame glow with unlimited creativity, with graphic effects composed of various transparent and contrasting colors. It highlights the classic and modern silhouette. Add a touch of youth between the eyebrows.

Knockoff Oakleys New Frame

Knockoff Oakleys
Knockoff Oakleys

Currently, about 60% of people worldwide have vision problems and need to wear optical glasses to correct vision. The problems are even more serious in China. The proportion of myopic population in my country ranks first in the world, 1.5 times the global average. Statistics show that 33.3% of the Chinese population has myopia problems, especially in the youth group, and 85% of college students need to wear glasses for a long time. And 41% of pupils already have vision problems. Against this severe background, the development of the fake Oakley glasses industry in China is advancing by leaps and bounds.

Design Foakley glasses For Eye Protection

Usually, a pair of stylish optical glasses or sunglasses can let the person have a great change. Therefore,  a cheap Oakley sunglasses both have design sense and high quality frames are indispensable and absolutely essential for someone who are pursuing fashion! More and more fashion men began to understand this truth, so that fake Oakley glasses has become the hottest fashion single.

custom foakley glasses
custom foakley glasses

Glasses can modify the human face, is a manifestation of personality. Some people do not like wearing glasses but have to wear, they have to choose some stylish appearance, so that they do not look like a nerd. Some people do not need glasses but need custom foakley glasses to improve its own fashion index, so you will find that we don’t know what more and more people wear glasses to see clearly, who is for fashion to wear glasses.
Style recommendation:
Frame light appearance: Men’s wear glasses usually choose fine frame glasses. Thin frame glasses can give others a wise and rich sense of content, easy for superiors and customers believe their ability. In addition, semi frame and frameless glasses are also popular in white-collar. This kind of frame of light weight, thin, fashionable appearance of small beautiful.

custom foakley glasses
custom foakley glasses

Material recommendation:
The frame can be made of metal and plastic or made of various alloy frames, lightness, good toughness, strong corrosion resistance, sweat. Color gold, silver, black, coffee and many other.
Most Asian preferred gold glasses, one and color coordination, two is elegant atmosphere. The plastic material in the plate frame is more popular, its strong sense of decoration, if you are engaged in art design, photography and other art work, wear plates glasses full of personality is very consistent with the working atmosphere.

custom foakley glasses
custom foakley glasses

Shape recommendation:
The frame of various shapes, round, oval, square, polygon etc.. The circular frame has a long history, is the bookish oval smooth lines, reserved square and circular as belonging to the classical type, four side clear demarcation, angular, is typical of the men’s dual beam slanting pear, commonly known as frog sunglasses, between the medial and lower side frames and cut off a corner in the tip of foreign. Carefully designed fake Oakleys frame, each one will not be ugly.

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