New Summer Foakleys

Before the transition from spring, summer is coming. When the sun is shining in the sky, a pair of fake Oakley sunglasses is essential, which can not only shade sunshine, but also looks cool.

Chanel retro aviator sunglasses, surrounded by a chain decorated with a new extended line, color gradient UV protective lenses. In addition, there are a number of styles to Chanel’s favorite jewelry works inspired by the design of the cat’s eye frame with inlaid pearls and egg noodles, as well as Rhine stone jewelry mirror legs. Super large butterfly shaped frame cleverly pondering the effect of 3D, and the use of eye-catching colorful acetate fiber material, to create a kaleidoscope of the psychedelic effect of Soft Twill pattern.

New Summer Foakleys (1)
New Summer Foakleys (1)

Cheap Burberry sunglasses, the use of twill structure and soft design elements, to create two kinds of unique style of the mirror legs: hanging mirror legs and twisted mirror legs. The tone is made of a classic gradient of honey, a gradient of nude, a natural horn texture, Great Britain, classic black and orange.

CELINE sunglasses, skillfully extended leg and pondering large square lenses, create some cat shaped extreme gentle appearance, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn once wore sunglasses styles, colors are red, blue and black all-match can choose, in light of the large circular frame and lenses to create modern charming appearance.

DIOR COMPOSIT sunglasses, avant-garde posture, in the Dior Homme summer fashion show debut. Flat lenses in collocation ultra-thin metal frame, show a strong male attitude.

New Summer Foakleys (2)
New Summer Foakleys (2)

Simple and neat Diamonds & Studs models to create a unique, all-match and mellow style, another brand logo added to make it more tim texture: gold nails and diamond shaped rivet is embedded in black, ivory or coral red fiber material frames, shiny.

Max Mara sunglasses, with beautiful and elegant floral design, in line with the brand released during the spring and summer 2017 fashion show creative fashion inspiration series. By the charming 70s style Inspired Oversized classic square plates glasses, designed to show retro attitude, the use of a large number of floral elements to create a rich flavor of nostalgia. The new series of Sunglasses Shades include: white and rose with the hue matte white metal mirror legs, collocation Brown gradient lenses; dark brown and white combination of dumb brown metal leg, collocation Brown Gradient lenses.

New Summer Foakleys (3)
New Summer Foakleys (3)

Round face is suitable to wear a frame slightly thick, lens color slants cold, the color of the glasses, there is a “tightening” the face of visual effects. Too bright yellow, red lenses or frame lines slender soft cheap Oakleys, will face a bigger foil.

Small face should wear a thin frame or frameless foakley sunglasses, choose elegant blue, purple, light coffee color lens, there will be an unexpected effect.

Long face should choose flat circle or arc mirror, slightly thick mirror feet in order to weaken the long face of the slender feeling. Slender face is skinny, choose some feminine pink or red Wine lenses can increase the brightness of the face.

Square face should choose a narrow width, the framework of the four corners of the sleek fake Oakleys, too large and too square of the frame will only make the face appear more square, lens color to steady Brown is better.

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