Hawksbill Foakley Sunglasses

Hawksbills plate frame has a strong retro flavor, beautiful color like liquid metal flow. In this coming summer, hawksbills style glasses will still become a lot of men’s favorite taste. Retro fake Oakleys are still popular.

Square face collocation slender frame pilot sunglasses, elegant atmosphere thick green shorts and white shirts, belts and shoes of each other, very perfect. The framework of the soft and thin lines of fake Oakley sunglasses, and a dark blue clothing collocation to reflect the tough atmosphere.

retro foakleys
retro foakleys

Summer, the beach wind dress most incisive, howlong lines, low-key and simple.

Light coffee colored suit with amber Tortoise foakley Sunglasses, and brown leather shoes, walk in the show and become the focus of all street shooting.

Light blue summer, fresh and bright colors, with gradual treatment lenses, will make face more levels, will be more attractive to the eye.


The design of sunglasses with reference to the traditional design style of Burberry, while drawing on the Burberry poetic fashion series. It consists of acetate fiber, the classical Knight logo reflects the details, whose frame exudes nostalgic tonal Burberry essence of the quiet and elegant.

Veneta Bottega

Fusion of heavy lines and classic style, design is the focus of this material tortoise sunglasses. Photoengrave small nail screw front mirror arm woven leather detail to reproduce the classic style Intrecciato Bottega Veneta. Elegant dark tone is to strengthen the classical charm.


The glasses with a tortoiseshell pattern interpretation of retro, classic Crest logo ornaments in the leg, seemingly reserved but exudes men’s strength, let your gentle temperament and noble status are reflected in the details of the glasses.

retro foakleys
retro foakleys


Custom foakleys is known for its unique design, and through scientific experiments and a series of tests, make sure it’s comfortable and high quality, in terms of movement function and fashion style achievements. The design of the tortoise mirror focuses on the practicality, the lens frames arc and make cheekbones completely fit, to ensure the perfect protection form in sports and daily wear.

Design Foakley glasses For Eye Protection

Usually, a pair of stylish optical glasses or sunglasses can let the person have a great change. Therefore,  a cheap Oakley sunglasses both have design sense and high quality frames are indispensable and absolutely essential for someone who are pursuing fashion! More and more fashion men began to understand this truth, so that fake Oakley glasses has become the hottest fashion single.

custom foakley glasses
custom foakley glasses

Glasses can modify the human face, is a manifestation of personality. Some people do not like wearing glasses but have to wear, they have to choose some stylish appearance, so that they do not look like a nerd. Some people do not need glasses but need custom foakley glasses to improve its own fashion index, so you will find that we don’t know what more and more people wear glasses to see clearly, who is for fashion to wear glasses.
Style recommendation:
Frame light appearance: Men’s wear glasses usually choose fine frame glasses. Thin frame glasses can give others a wise and rich sense of content, easy for superiors and customers believe their ability. In addition, semi frame and frameless glasses are also popular in white-collar. This kind of frame of light weight, thin, fashionable appearance of small beautiful.

custom foakley glasses
custom foakley glasses

Material recommendation:
The frame can be made of metal and plastic or made of various alloy frames, lightness, good toughness, strong corrosion resistance, sweat. Color gold, silver, black, coffee and many other.
Most Asian preferred gold glasses, one and color coordination, two is elegant atmosphere. The plastic material in the plate frame is more popular, its strong sense of decoration, if you are engaged in art design, photography and other art work, wear plates glasses full of personality is very consistent with the working atmosphere.

custom foakley glasses
custom foakley glasses

Shape recommendation:
The frame of various shapes, round, oval, square, polygon etc.. The circular frame has a long history, is the bookish oval smooth lines, reserved square and circular as belonging to the classical type, four side clear demarcation, angular, is typical of the men’s dual beam slanting pear, commonly known as frog sunglasses, between the medial and lower side frames and cut off a corner in the tip of foreign. Carefully designed fake Oakleys frame, each one will not be ugly.

Retro Custom Foakleys

In this world, is there anything more all-purpose than the custom foakley sunglasses as a decoration? As long as a pair of sunglasses can save no makeup face, a surge in gas field. Even just wearing a white T jeans, sunglasses Street photo, can also have the star aura. However, the biggest problem is how to choose a pair of foakley sunglasses suitable for their own face? What color should match what clothes? Forced to choose crazy difficult to critically ill patients.

retro sunglasses
retro sunglasses

Sunglasses now not only the necessary products in the summer for prevent sunshine, it is the accessories in the single dress. There are always some sunglasses a superb collection of beautiful things hot style. Whether it is reflective sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses or RETRO foakleys SUNGLASSES, is a leader in the classics, and therefore Sunglasses style more available several different styles of collocation can also be appropriate. This summer sunglasses seems to be a fashionable single product, follow the trend is absolutely right.
retro sunglasses
retro sunglasses

Retro, minimalist or surreal, a variety of styles of sunglasses can give you a different sensory experience, come and see how these streets tide people with sunglasses so stylish.
Candy color retro round box, best suited to love retro wind girl. Warm color, playful shape, full of sense of maiden. The frame also modified face Oversize, perfect facial lines. With the big red lips, instantly turned retro girl. In contrast, navy blue square box with handsome, bare pink frame more elegant.
RETRO SUNGLASSES has become a fashion circle star tide necessary single product. As a classic representative of the retro tide, the improved round sunglasses not only fashion, but also with a bit cute taste, has been competing fashion interpretation. Nowadays, star RETRO SUNGLASSES poser has become the new fashion radiobeacon!
retro sunglasses
retro sunglasses

Many people feel that fake Oakley sunglasses have a strong seasonal, it seems only summer suits. In fact, sunglasses are all year round can help us to delay and prevent eye skin aging, regardless of season, as long as you choose to quality, not only beautiful appearance. In fact, girls can think if the eye aging deceleration, then the whole person’s state will look much better.

Tinted Lenses Custom Foakleys

Instead of saying that wear design foakley for protecting the eyes, as it is just a decoration. I believe someone who are always lazy and want to look very fashionable, know what I am talking about. Hiding under the foakley sunglasses, is hidden and safe, but the fashionable people do not think so!
After autumn, color palette theme spread to sunglasses Fashion, especially color rich tinted lenses sunglasses, follow the retro spirit and full tone, hardly more fashionable.

brown lenses
brown lenses

All-match based models: brown lenses
As a all-match based version of the tinted lenses sunglasses is of course brown, not too exaggerated color, looks ordinary sunglasses is, but in a number of passers-by in talent shows itself. If you want to have a pair of sunglasses and out of the ordinary not too noticeable, you may wish to start from the brown tinted lenses sunglasses began to try.
orange lenses
orange lenses

Based on advanced models: Orange lens
As the advanced Brown Sunglasses, orange tinted lenses appropriate boundaries, it lies with high-profile low-key edge. Some people may think that the dark brown and orange color looks is not obvious, wrong, orange lenses are often more brightly, so it is more popular with young people.
yellow lenses
yellow lenses

Retro tone: Yellow lenses
Yellow lenses is popular in six and 70s, in the last century, at that time, Elvis Presley, Johnny Depp, Elvis Presley Sophia Loren stars to wear tinted lenses sunglasses, especially yellow lenses is more popular. If you have a retro heart, believe that a pair of yellow lenses custom foakleys will be able to meet you.
pink lenses
pink lenses

Modern smart: Pink lenses
No matter in your heart is the most love pink or disdain, pink tinted lenses will instantly capture your heart of girl. The color is more deep, some of the pink glasses are full of flavor, and the color of the more light some of the pink glasses and a hint of cute cute feel, skin color, some women and pink lenses tinted more.
red lenses
red lenses

Domineering side leakage: red lens
Pink too over? That’s better than red. Bright red  fake oakleys whenever it seems to be no ground for blame domineering side leakage. Sense of being full of red and tinted combined with lenses, make sure you have a dazzling charm, full of tension, suction eye out of the hot summer feeling.

You Need A Iridium Lens Foakleys

When summer comes, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, how to block the strong ultraviolet radiation has become a new problem for the urban youth. In addition to coated with sunscreen products, it is best to everyone to prepare a pair of custom foakley sunglasses. However, how to buy a pair of both practical and inexpensive fake Oakley sunglasses? What style should be chosen? I suggest that you can refer to those who walk in the front of the fashion of the people.
Maybe everyone has sunglasses, and the trend will be different every year. If you really don’t know what kind of sunglasses this summer, just look at the fashion people in the street.

custom fake oakleys
custom fake oakleys

Warm brown, lively yellow, mysterious blue green and other bright colors of the lens, changing the traditional face of the traditional sunglasses. Accessories less man is necessary to buy a, even if only for this summer, it is worth it!
Electroplating color sunglasses is also known as the “photographic lens”, is to add some chemicals on the lens, so that the original colorless and transparent lenses, in bright light, will become colored lenses, can prevent light reflection, can let you see things in the light without interference, and more clearly.
custom fake oakleys
custom fake oakleys

Choose the color of the plating color sunglasses, lens color to be with the clothing of one of the same color or big contrast, visual look more harmonious. But those who always think of flies, dragonflies and other insects conservatives please quietly at a distance.
The general is coating on the lens sunglasses like mercury plating a layer of film, shades, you need to see the extent of the sun. Plating color sunglasses lenses are light and progressive color effect is clear, it is easy to see the original color of the object, the lens is shiny, looks very comfortable, not like the general mercury is relatively bleak. In particular, the mercury in the original X-ray film after the X-ray rate remains unchanged or slightly changed 1-2%, reduce reflection, increase comfort. If the bad quality of the mercury film perspective rate will be significantly decreased, there is glare, resulting in the wearer from the film can be seen in their eyes.
Fake Oakleys is an essential component in the summer, and the foakley sunglasses are practical and can shape the image.

How to Match Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Custom foakley sunglasses have become an essential artifact of the summer out of the street, but with the change of the times, in recent years, sunglasses have become an indispensable element in the four seasons. Whether it is a gentleman style, vacation style or casual style, it has an indispensable position. So, how to match with replica Oakley sunglasses? What are the sunglasses with tips? I want to take you to look at how they will the metro sexual man present foakleys perfect for everyone.
Gentleman style

For a man, the business suit will make you look handson and if he’s wearing sunglasses, he’s going to get a full mark. Fashion accessories are an integral part of the summer’s men’s wear, as it often lights up your entire model.
Metro sexual man style

In this way to the company, the road can’t be the focus? But here to explain is that in the choice of sunglasses must be chosen for their faces, which is the first principle of the skills of sunglasses matching.
Elegant style

Cold winter so take, let a person look after the estimate will forget the winter cold. Sunglasses are not only to block the UV, but also a concave shape of the indispensable fashion elements.
Leisure style

How to stylish sunglasses collocation. In fact, in addition to the handsome type Metro sexual equipment, sunglasses and leisure equipment collocation can make forced bursting, backpack, wearing sunglasses shopping, still very much!
Vacation style

Mint green shirt collocation blue color shorts, minimalist style. However, how to enhance the popularity of it?
Custom fake Oakleys as a fashion single product, in the fashion with a vital position. Fake Oakley sunglasses can add a sense of mystery, enhance the personal gas field, attracting public attention. This is the reason people choose to wear.
Well, choose a stylish cool foakley sunglasses, instantly improve your charm.

Foakley Sunglasses Make You Fashionable

If winter comes, can summer be far behind? In winter, the results have not yet had time to test, and so on in the summer, but also to fight with the sun. The hot summer, you are the most worth buying a sunscreen must be sunglasses.

Foakley sunglasses are always universal, all-match fashion items. Foakleys can not only shade, but also allows you to become very handsome, which is one of the necessary weapons to shoot up the street. Four seasons, as long as you go out, you can bring fake Oakley sunglasses.

The golden brown hair collocation big sunglasses, dress up all hidden in the frame.

foakley sunglasses
foakley sunglasses

The large box with ball head, so that the face is very small, but very vibrant, by age.

Wearing a black coat collocation, a pair of white shoes, the overall look is very beautiful, plus a custom foakleys, perfect, is simply a punchline.

Wearing a gray T-shirt with jeans, looks simple, and then with a pair of black sunglasses, so sweet and handsome together, it is very fashionable.


How to choose sunglasses? First of all, is sure to face to see, choose a suitable for your facial sunglasses can help you easily create their star aura.

Round face: Miranda Kerr, Reese Witherspoon on behalf of round face

Kerr is representative of a round face, round face is the most taboo to choose the same round sunglasses. In general, square face contour and strong sense of choosing sunglasses, sunglasses or eye shape, can let the whole face is more three-dimensional.


Square face represents: Jolie Ann, Hathaway Angelina

If you are a very tough contour square face, then you should choose a circular or oval foakley sunglasses, make the face look more gentle birth. Jolie Angelina is a typical representative of a square face. The fake Oakleys Frogskins is also a good choice, good soft face tough contour.

Fake Oakley Sports Sunglasses

For the choice of outdoor sports sunglasses, everyone has their own preferences. Some people focus on the requirements to wear comfortable, and some people attach importance to the protection of sunglasses vision, easy to use the effect of movement, and more and more people are concerned about the beauty and fashion.

sport foakleys
sport foakleys

Fake Oakley Sports sunglasses must be safe, protective, comfortable and beautiful.
Because of the variety of outdoor sports, including extreme cycling, outdoor climbing, jogging, skiing, golf, camping and other sports, so for different sports, purchase different functions foakley sunglasses.
For those engaged in extreme sports, should be equipped with sports safety custom foakley sunglasses. Windshield for long-term movement in the outside world, especially in the strong winds of the region’s sports enthusiasts. When you buy the mirror, if you can easily see their eyes are too bright, the lens color is gray or green. If you want to see the real color, if you want to cloudy or foggy weather to see carefully the best selection of yellow lenses. Sports glasses must have side protection to reduce the sun through the eyes, but there must be a good ventilation equipment to prevent the lens fog, or the use of anti-fog lenses or anti-fog cleaners.

sport foakleys
sport foakleys

From a professional point of view, in the selection of sports glasses, people should pay attention to lens function. Because different lenses on the light filter is different, but also for different sports environment. Dark lenses better than light-colored lenses, can effectively cut off the UV and improve the UV index. For example, purple lenses can reduce the degree of visible light into the eye, does not affect the visual clarity. So cycling glasses can be used purple, and for a long time to wear. Gray lenses provide the best color perception. Yellow lenses, can enhance the contrast in the fog, it is recommended not to wear when driving. Choose a suitable for their own movement requirements of the sunglasses, color is very important. In addition, it is best to buy anti-UVA and UVB radiation protection glasses.
In the shape of the choice of sports foakleys glasses, each person is also their own, different face of the different shapes of the frame has a different request. Remember the principle of complementarity – a round face with a square shape and a square face with an ellipse. If the face is not too long to choose the more delicate small frames, such as the smaller oval lens frame can make the face look soft.

Retro foakley sunglasses is holy goods of concave shape

Round retro foakley sunglasses is holy goods of concave shape. If I say that the round sunglasses never quit the arena, will you believe it? The fashionable people believe it confirmedly. As the classic representative of the retro tide, it jumped into the public from the small crowd, to this spring is getting out of hand, which is simply take-all. Custom foakley sunglasses can be a kind of magical- turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal, just like the immortal hand to point the stone into gold. Even if you have a unattractive appearance, it also can make you instantly turned into a retro person.

custom foakley sunglasses
custom foakley sunglasses

Fearne Cotton: love round sunglasses like this, retro people also love the dots, it seems that it can best represent the identity and taste, black stockings and Loafer shoes also have the function. Leopard is also a good trend point, play the icing on the cake effect.

Lady Gaga: fight a bit, few people are mine Emperor’s opponent. And see her round glasses, not just simple retro, but also into the modern elements, very general, and her overall shape is not common. Not simple to increase is not equal to the retention rate is equal to 200%.

Kristen Bell: Oval type of people wearing round sunglasses is really good to see. Clean and simple blue shirt and waist trousers are retro darling, the details of the belt is also worth pondering, commendable is the unity of the body style is in place.

Kylie Minogue: one of the old US casual dress, loose hole jeans, casual T-shirts and jackets, although also surrounded by a flashing golden scarf, if not the round sunglasses, it became a decadent Street photography, so you see the powerful round sunglasses did not?

Kristin Stewart: She is also a literary young woman, her sunglasses frame is a transparent material resurgence this year, wearing this need to take into account the body through the body, no wonder the usual plain T-shirt show people Stewart Dress up type of women, wearing wool cap, cast Chromic lipstick.


In our new foakleys this year, you can see the lovely little girls, as well as the exclusive vitality of young people, there are eclectic elegance noble from our new series fake Oakleys! These are enough for us to meet all expectations of foakley sunglasses!

Foakley sunglasses give you more options

There is a writer, who said that stars wearing sunglasses when going out of the street is not afraid of other people recognize it, but afraid of other people do not recognize them. It sounds reasonable! Wearing sunglasses, eye-catching index are straight up!

Recently years, along with the Oakley’s hot sell, our foakley sunglasses are becoming more and more welcome. However, it also has people stuffed place, such as two friends meet and found that they are wearing the same sunglasses, which may be embarrassed.

At this time, if there are more choices, may gain more laughter! First enjoy our foakleys advertising films, experience the vitality and personality of it! Maybe this glance will make you fall in love with it!

Compared to the major brands of sunglasses, custom foakleys with a more close to the people of the price, and full of personality design, captured a lot of fashion young people’s heart! Here are a few of the most popular series!

–Radar Series –

Once you open the official website, you can see the Radar series displayed in the Best Seller column. This fake Oakley sunglasses are men and women with the paragraph, so no matter who wear, there is a tough momentum in there, some uninhibited, and some free! Anti-allergic plastic, in this section while showing sunglasses slim, but also filling the ultimate fine! Perhaps like the classic elements of precipitation partners, will appreciate this a more!

–RadarLock Series –

This one looks a little like the Radar, with a sense of fanatical freedom. Like a rock girl, playing guitar, shouting the inner voice! Plastic hypoallergenic wireframe, spring hinges, these are from the finest places to ensure the sunglasses comfort and health!

– Frogskins Series –

Retro is that we never discuss the endless fashion elements, whether it is sweet wave point, or the fashionable cat’s eye, always in a detail, the most appropriate to capture the beauty of beauty! Simple black and white, smooth mellow lines, retro style overflow, but without losing the gas field! On the pick of the framework design, as if to the fearless attitude towards life, are locked in the eye brow general!

–Garage Rock Series –

As the color mix, and details of the size change, so that the whole style looks on the basis of retro, more a number of wild!

–X Squared Series –

Everyone’s personality will be slightly different, so we always want to properly show the different side. X Squared is such a personality full of series!

White introverted, black deep, pink and soft, no matter what color, can bring absolute visual effects of publicity! In particular, this lips design, so fashion itself more tension!

–Holbrook Series –

The design of this series is quite satisfactory, slightly neutral temperament! So that people wear it, looks a little more British Gas; silver dagger temple signs, but also increase the number of mystery!

I don’t know whether these series of fake Oakleys are conform to your tastes or not ! Anyway, I personally think that sunglasses is a hot spot every year; in every shape, sunglasses are essential street weapon! Perhaps you have seen a lot of sunglasses brand; perhaps you have liked one of them, but we always want to put an end to all possible similar to the screen, which is destined we will keep looking!

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