Fake Oakleys Are Designed For People Of All Ages

These days are exams, while attending a business venture that began by chance in the fall of last year. “This arises while in padel class. We saw people with foakley sunglasses and we said: This can be a market, “summarizes Samuel Serrano, 22 years old. Next to him are Jorge Ayala, 21, and Ibrahim Zammou, 26.

foakley sunglasses
foakley sunglasses

The three from Malaga, classmates in the degree of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, at Eade, combine the role of students with that of entrepreneurs with a business underway since just two weeks ago: Our fake Oakley sunglasses, They sell online at www.oakleyoffer.us.

fake Oakley sunglasses
fake Oakley sunglasses

Despite the little time that has elapsed, they already have five different models, shortly they will receive the sixth and have already received orders from several Spanish provinces, including Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Badajoz, Asturias and Malaga.
As Jorge Ayala explains, before there has been a work of several months of market research: “We saw that we had possibilities to get in there, we contacted factories and in the end we encouraged each other”.
To start the business they have counted in some cases with the help of the family and in others, with their own savings: «During the winter we study and in summer, we work and with those savings we have been able to pull forward», explains Jorge.
For his part, Ibrahim Zammou says that the three friends share “that we are always looking for new things and we do not settle for what we have, so we go ahead, giving our personal touch, and the truth is that we are very happy because in the We have been accepting for a short time “.
Part of this good reception has to do with a business strategy based on influencers, influential people in social networks, especially in instagram-instagrammers, with whom they have contacted to send their best fake Oakleys.
The foakleys are designed by the three university students, who send the indications by power point to the lens and saddle factories.
Once the model is manufactured, a process that takes about two months, is sent to an optician to submit it to quality tests.

fake Oakleys
fake Oakleys

Fake Oakleys, they say, are designed not only for young people and athletes but for people of all ages; In addition, they have tried to adjust the prices a lot “so that everyone can buy them,” they point out. In this sense, the models range from 24.90 euros to 35 the most expensive.
The next objective is to be present in sports and optical stores. They have started the business in record time, for those their dreams may well come true sooner than they think. One of them has already ventured, Jorge Ayala: «The best is yet to come».

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