How To Pick Fake Oakley Sunglasses

The intrinsic quality of resin lens cheap Oakley sunglasses is mainly determined by the following factors:
First, substrate quality. The quality of the substrate determines the durability of the lens and the reliability of the coating. Good base material is clear and bright. It endures a long time and will not yellowing. While some lenses of cheap Oakleys don’t take long to turn yellow, or even the coating falls off.

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Second, the level of lenses. The lenses of mass production are separated from different grades due to their inherent quality, and the price of high-class and inferior goods varies significantly.
Third, refractive index. The higher the refractive index of the lens is the thinner and the higher the price will be.
Fourth, coating and anti-ultraviolet treatment. Resin sheet can be harden (for anti-scratch purpose), to reduce reflection, anti-static, dust and waterproof coating up to ten layer processing, different coating processes have different effects, the quality will be greatly discounted if any of the coating process is omitted. Similarly, it is very harmful to the eyes if they do not prevent UV rays from being used as anti UV lenses. Human eyes absorb too much ultraviolet light, it is easy to cause light induced keratitis, cataracts and macular degeneration and other eye diseases.
Fifth, the lens brand. Brand differences lead to differences in quality and price. Lens quality is directly reflected in the lens brand. Brand lenses are of good quality and stable.
As the lens is processed in the background, whether it is genuine or not that consumers cannot track and identify, therefore, it is mainly rely on the integrity of the operators. Good practice is to list the lens brands, varieties, refractive index, coating in the document, but also tell the anti-ultraviolet function to the customer honestly.

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Here’s how to pick fake Oakley sunglasses:
The lens is the soul of a pair of glasses, and its quality influences the quality of the glasses directly. One of the easiest ways to tell about the quality of a lens is to move the glasses back and forth in front of the eye to see if the object moves with the lens.
UV index
For foakley sunglasses, the UV index, which means the function to filter out ultraviolet light and that’s a very important standard. At present, the UV index of most replica Oakley sunglasses is between 96% and 98%, among them, dark lenses are better than light lenses. In general, 100% of the UV index is unlikely, and if a manufacturer claims his sunglasses have 100 percent UV filtering effect, and then he is surly boast.

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