Holiday Oakley Sunglasses

This is the weekend of spring, let’s talk about foakley sunglasses. Put on a new glasses, the overall shape immediately to keep up with the times, the sense of fashion suddenly rose.

Holiday Oakley Sunglasses
Holiday Oakley Sunglasses

Spring and summer is a big trend in 70s, round sunglasses by this wave of retro boom pushed to the tip of the waves again. On this basis, the use of new materials and technology, will be a simple combination of modern and retro, with different colors of materials to create a more lightweight and more modern round sunglasses. Of course, most of the current round design foakleys are not the kind of blind wear, but the kind of super large round sunglasses, more round and large of the sunglasses, the more fashionable it is.
Look around, you will find fashionable people will naturally wear round foakleys early in the street, the style will be the ultimate in 70s.

KINGSMAN immersion
The hot showing of a British film, the “KINGSMAN”, let the Chinese people suddenly brain hole wide open, as like they never knew a man dressed in decent. In addition to the details of clothing each blogger toss about the film and you say, as a victim of you will have to Colin the fresh sheet glasses uncle. As a combination of goggles and plate of retro elements, every minute can let you wear out London feeling.

Holiday Oakley Sunglasses
Holiday Oakley Sunglasses

Flight goggles
Street shoot party has always loved toad lens with a variety of fashion to create a sense of contrast. In fact, the metal frame is goggles classic “a standard French effortless fashion items.

The new wave of Cat Eye Sunglasses
In this wave of retro, playful eye-cat fake Oakley sunglasses is all girls love to flaunt self elements. In addition to this season’s Cat Eye Sunglasses in the overall design more exaggerated, the lens is also more design sense. Mix lenses angular cat eyes appearance, let the Cat Eye Sunglasses more personality, worth a try.

Outdoor Sports Oakley Sunglasses

Summer is coming, the day seemed to be dazzling light shadow, which are harmful to someone who stay for a long time in the outdoors, also hindered the appreciation of landscape. If you do some sports like rafting, beach racing, cycling and other activities, it is necessary to wear a pair of outdoor sports Oakley sunglasses replicas.

How to choose a suitable sunglasses? Many people are not very clear know about how to choose a sunglasses.

outdoor foakley sunglasses
outdoor foakley sunglasses

From a professional point of view, in the selection of sports foakley sunglasses, we should focus on lens function. The effect of different lenses on the filtering of light, it can be suitable for different sports environment. Dark lens is better than light colored lens, which can effectively isolate UV and improve the UV index. For example, the purple lens can reduce the visible light into eyes, does not affect the visual clarity. Therefore, the glasses can be used for sports glasses, and are suitable for long time wearing. Gray lenses can provide the best color perception, which belongs to the type of expert recommendation. The yellow lens, can enhance contrast in fog, it is recommended not to wear when driving. The yellow green and purple color gradually gilded mercury lens can effectively filter the blue sky and the ground, enhancing the contrast, so Golf glasses using yellow green and purple lens, allowing the ball more clearly in the field. Visible to choose a suitable for their own sports requirements of sunglasses, color is very important. In addition, it is best to buy anti UVA and UVB radiation glasses.

outdoor foakley sunglasses
outdoor foakley sunglasses

In shape choice of sports fake Oakleys, everyone has his hobby of different shapes. Different face frames have different requirements. Here are tips for a simple and easy to remember, that is the principle of complementarity, round shape, square face ellipse selection formula. The specific operation is a square face with wide pilot type glasses (commonly known as “yurt”), can be modified prominent jaw line; with a round face frame slightly rough, lens color slants cold, dark glasses, shrink face visual effect. Long face should choose a flat circular or arc-shaped lenses, elongated proportions, giving visual coordination feeling, cat eye frames is the best choice; most all-match is oval face, for a variety of shapes of sunglasses; the small face is suitable for wear fine box or frame less custom foakleys, with the lens there will be unexpected the effect of.

Frame selection is soft and elastic, impact resistance, sports safety protection face damage. The design of the frame veneer can make an eye close to the frame edge, prevent wind rapid movement on the eyes.

My Favorite Sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses

Jim Jannard and basketball star Michael Jordan co founded the brand innovation, always leading the optical technology as the foundation, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of high-end sunglasses, optical glasses and frame glasses products. We are aim to produce quality but cheap foakley sunglasses. “We have a special liking for glasses. Some people think we have reached the point of obsession, we do not deny that.” – Oakley

custom foakleys
custom foakleys

Prada sunglasses
Prada glasses give a unique sense of taste, the original sense of the overall system of Italy, is a lot of stars dress up their own standard equipment. Prada glasses is not only a symbol of fashion, but also exudes the charm of the mysterious weapon.
Chanel Sunglasses
Chanel sunglasses also inherited the Chanel brand has always been the tradition of style design, details of the carving, innovative technology and superior lines, contours clear. Thin and lightweight frame, streamlined design, more foil the wearer’s eyes.
Bluepoint Sunglasses
Focus on the manufacture of glasses for more than and 40 years, with the world’s leading polarizing technology, is the domestic 3D glasses and sunglasses industry standard drafters. Blue boiling point sunglasses to ultra-high quality and cost-effective to win the recognition of consumers, leading the development trend of the domestic sunglasses industry.
Prosun Sunglasses
A series of Aston sunglasses, design for business men. Ladies series design for urban women and the series of children sunglasses, designed for child, design dynamic series sunglasses for someone who love sports, and NXP series is a colorful series Prosun sunglasses.
PARIM Sunglasses
PARIM Sunglasses fusion of fashion, exquisite, comfortable, durable and many other elements, high quality lenses and frames material, according to the facial characteristics of Asians, continuous improvement of glasses wearing comfort, durability and fashion sense.
Bolon Sunglasses
The design idea of Tyrannosaurus Rex Sunglasses adhering to the enjoyment of eye-catching, fashion and elegant design, follow the world fashion trend, new technology using innovative molding technology and spray color, reflecting the consistent pursuit of Tyrannosaurus brand quality first innovative style.

custom foakleys
custom foakleys

The most important thing for choosing sunglasses is to buy a suitable and useful fake Oakley sunglasses, for example, choose suitable one to fit their own face, choose suitable one for driving , as well as choose a custom foakleys with UV protection.

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