What Color Frames Do You Like Best?

Glasses are no longer just tools for correcting vision, and more and more people are choosing them as a fashion accessory, as long as the frames look good. What color frames look better?

A pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses, in addition to the mirror surface, the color of the picture frame is not good, suitable is also very important. Choosing a pair of sunglasses for you will make your eyes look more magical and give you a bonus as a whole. Each color of fake Oakley sunglasses frames have its own style, even in the eyes of China’s prevalence of today, almost no one knows what color frame looks good. Besides, we have a variety of colors around us, and the meanings they represent also have different meanings. Everyone has their own style and preferences, so different people like different colors.


Generally speaking, if the color of the frame is suitable for you or not, which should be judged by your own dress, complexion and hairstyle. When wearing the same design fake Oakleys, maybe, someone look good, but you look not so well. They also depend on your personal preference. All you have to do is choose the right one for yourself.

Most people like to match the color of their eyes to the frames so that they can show personality traits. We have learned from the aesthetic point of view, select the spectacle frame style and color, but to illustrate several points: first, these are the basic theory of fashion is always changing, personal tastes are also different, so the wearer’s desire is the most important. Secondly, other reference conditions for the selection of custom foakleys frames should be considered: function and sense, which may contradict the standards of fashion. And most importantly, the principles of fashion help us to choose, not the absolute. Now let’s take a look at what kind of personality does each color frame represents.


Red represents enthusiasm, joy, liveliness, warmth, happiness and auspiciousness.

Black represents seriousness, darkness, poise, loftiness, firmness and seriousness.

Yellow represents noble, rich, bright, happy, noble, and hope.

White represents purity, simplicity, leisure, purity and innocence. White symbolizes truth and gives people a sense of freshness and freshness.

Blue is for wisdom, the sky, the freshness, the depth, the eternity, the stillness, the honesty.

Purple represents mystery, romance, love, elegance, nobility and charm.

Green represents life, vitality, freshness, calmness, gentleness, ease, youth, hope.

Grey mean modesty, deep, melancholy, ordinary, silent, golden mean, lonely.

Brown frame of best fake Oakleys stands for a low profile unassuming personality. Brown is somewhat similar to gray, between black and gray.

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