Most Suitable Foakleys For Your Face

In the winter, put on a pair of fake Oakley Sunglasses, which let you instantly become a street star. However, why these hot sunglasses are completely different on our face compared to the stars? The sunglasses in the model’s face are the same with what we have brought ? Wearing foakley sunglasses must be an antidote against the disease, that means to know clearly what is the most appropriate sunglasses to your face.

oval face
oval face

Oval face
Recommended: any style
If you have a all-match oval face, it will be a good congratulating you for a while. Because the face can choose the most popular the most capricious fashion, if you must choose one of the most prominent advantages of oval sunglasses, the non elliptical frame it, it will make your face more rounded moving lines.
Socialite Olivia Palermo – born with an enviable meat face, as long as not cover half the face of the big sunglasses, generally can try.

Palm-sized face
Palm-sized face

Palm-sized face
Recommended: square rectangular sunglasses, retro round sunglasses
Have this face girl is usually infuriating slap face, then you should avoid sunglasses Oversize framework is too exaggerated, try to choose some smaller models, such as circular rectangular sunglasses sunglasses retro medium or hot nowadays is a good choice.
Palm-sized faces are generally skinny, can choose color frame sunglasses to look good. The narrow rectangular sunglasses can make the face look more sharp, have a face lift effect. Europe and the United States who love the most suck cheek makeup and high cheekbones with a sunglasses can fix.

round face
round face

Round face
Recommendation: Cat Eye Sunglasses, rectangular Sunglasses
Many girls have meat face problems, chin short face is not long enough. Then suggest that you can choose a cat shaped glasses, rose lines to face a high feeling, and design of rectangular Sunglasses angular and emphasize facial lines.
The rise of cat eye fake Oakleys can lengthen facial lines, avoid face flat.
Square face
Recommended: round box Sunglasses
The rigid lines of the face, for the round frame and the four angle radian styles to reconcile, instead to choose square frame design foakleys.

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