How To Choose Radiation Proof Glasses

With the development of science and technology and the popularization of computers, it is convenient for us to live and work. But it also brings us great radiation and harm. Computer ultraviolet light can cause eye aging and eye diseases, long-term staring at the computer screen, easily lead to headaches, dizziness, red eyes and other symptoms, so now many people will be equipped with anti radiation Oakley sunglasses sale.

When people long face of the computer or electronic products, will cause dry eyes, headache, in order to prevent the radiation damage to the eyes and body of a lot of people will be equipped with anti radiation glasses, but now on the market, there are a lot of radiation proof glasses, that how to choose radiation proof best fake Oakleys glasses?

Foakley sunglasses sale
Foakley sunglasses sale

Radiation proof glasses is an application of nano energy, combined with excellent health glasses glasses production technology design, and the unique technology makes glasses constantly emit high density nano particles, negative energy magnetic energy of high quality platinum light, promote eye blood circulation, can effectively alleviate pain and exhaustion.

There are two kinds of radiation protection glasses, one is coated lenses, and the other is synthetic lenses. The surface coating lens is coated with a reflecting film on the surface of the lens, which can radiate and counteract the radiation. The synthetic lens is a multilayer, which is used for the vacuum synthesis of the electromagnetic and reflecting lens layers.

Custom foakleys coated lens is a new technology of optical film and vacuum, which is coated with a reflective film on the surface of the lens to improve the ability to reflect the light of the lens, and to enhance or reduce the transmission of light. The surface coating lens has the advantages of simple process and low cost, and is characterized by low radiation resistance and durability, and the surface coating layer is easy to be wiped out. Synthetic lenses are multilayer derived electromagnetic and reflective layers of lenses in vacuum synthesis. The advantages of synthetic lenses are durable, light transmission, strong impact resistance, high radiation resistance, and the disadvantage is complicated process and high cost.

Foakley sunglasses sale
Foakley sunglasses sale

In fact, strictly speaking, coated glasses are not equivalent to anti radiation glasses. The radiation lenses in the true sense are synthetic lenses. Most of the synthetic lenses are yellow, because only yellow can produce a combined effect with blue light, just like the principle of lutein filtering blue light.

Anti radiation lens surface coating colored anti radiation film, the film has blue, green, gold and other colors. But do not belong to the blue visible light, so we generally do not choose blue glasses, can choose green coating, yellow green color film or coating market space.

On the market, there are many radiation design foakley glasses, but radiation glasses quality less, rarely can prevent computer radiation, ultraviolet radiation and glare, so when we choose to pay attention to the work of radiation proof glasses, good anti radiation glasses work extremely well.

Foakley sunglasses sale
Foakley sunglasses sale

Radiation proof foakleys, as long as you are not too dark, slightly oblique, will see the color coating on the lens, the lens color quality, and myopia are different for everyone, of course, you can also find professional detection tools to detect, or by measuring their inspection lamp.

Genuine anti radiation glasses prices will not be particularly cheap. This is related to cost and technology. So you can choose to buy anti radiation glasses in our store, our shop’s anti radiation fake Oakley sunglasses are absolutely affordable and durable with good quality on

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