Foakley Sunglasses Make You Fashionable

If winter comes, can summer be far behind? In winter, the results have not yet had time to test, and so on in the summer, but also to fight with the sun. The hot summer, you are the most worth buying a sunscreen must be sunglasses.

Foakley sunglasses are always universal, all-match fashion items. Foakleys can not only shade, but also allows you to become very handsome, which is one of the necessary weapons to shoot up the street. Four seasons, as long as you go out, you can bring fake Oakley sunglasses.

The golden brown hair collocation big sunglasses, dress up all hidden in the frame.

foakley sunglasses
foakley sunglasses

The large box with ball head, so that the face is very small, but very vibrant, by age.

Wearing a black coat collocation, a pair of white shoes, the overall look is very beautiful, plus a custom foakleys, perfect, is simply a punchline.

Wearing a gray T-shirt with jeans, looks simple, and then with a pair of black sunglasses, so sweet and handsome together, it is very fashionable.


How to choose sunglasses? First of all, is sure to face to see, choose a suitable for your facial sunglasses can help you easily create their star aura.

Round face: Miranda Kerr, Reese Witherspoon on behalf of round face

Kerr is representative of a round face, round face is the most taboo to choose the same round sunglasses. In general, square face contour and strong sense of choosing sunglasses, sunglasses or eye shape, can let the whole face is more three-dimensional.


Square face represents: Jolie Ann, Hathaway Angelina

If you are a very tough contour square face, then you should choose a circular or oval foakley sunglasses, make the face look more gentle birth. Jolie Angelina is a typical representative of a square face. The fake Oakleys Frogskins is also a good choice, good soft face tough contour.

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