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“Cyclists have been waiting for this product for a long time. That’s why Andy Schleck was so enthusiastic, “says Daf Dubbelman, founder of CTRL Eyewear. The former star of the Luxembourg cycling has lent its image to this company based in the Netherlands for a model of LCD sunglasses that change color according to the brightness.

Daf and his team have been to Mallorca, where Andy was spending his holidays, to film the promotional video. “Cyclists are the original target audience. But anyone can wear them. Whether it’s a car ride or on foot, they are useful, “says the entrepreneur.

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The main asset of this model? The color of the fake Oakleys changes in a fraction of a second. Dark when the sun is shining, clear when the weather is cloudy. In terms of technology, knockoff Oakleys Eyewear has references in the field. The product has been developed in collaboration with the special forces of the US Army. Regular sunglasses, too.

Distributed from next January, the glasses are available in advance on the Internet at a price of 181 euros. According to Daf Dubbelman, the 6,000 pre-sales mark has already been reached around the world. For the record, thirty pairs of glasses were ordered in Luxembourg. “It is important to me because I work very often in Kirchberg. I’m even a member of TriLux Triathlon Club, “says the founder of the brand.

You’ve heard my opinion on the Split Thump MP3 player sunglasses from foakley sunglasses in today’s video review, but did you know they’re launching a special edition pair with the man possibly more famous for his hats than his music, Jamiroquai.

They’ll be the 1GB model just like I reviewed, only have a special purple and white camouflage pattern on the arms and a lilac ‘O’ for the integrated control system on the sides. There will be only 500 pairs sold around the world, with just half of them in the UK. 1GB should allow you to fit around 250 tracks, with two being pre-loaded for the Jamiroquai fans, exclusive remixes from his album launched 15 years ago, Emergency on Planet Earth.

They’ll be £289.99, or US$569 if the exchange rate is obeyed. Be warned, though: if you couple these shades with a trilby hat, that may just be the tipping point where you find all your friends have deserted you.

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