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Fake Oakleys wholesale can not only help people to prevent the occurrence of UV damage, blocking from the surface and the reflection of light, such as cars, it is also a very important accessories. As an integral part of the fashion trend, in the 2017 autumn and winter fashion week in Milan, sunglasses has become a hot spot. Do you want to know what are the unique and interesting cheap Oakley sunglasses sale in 2017?

Founded in 2014, Woodworn produces a variety of shapes, colors and styles of natural bamboo environmental glasses and watches. Each pair of glasses which are based on a design in the region of California state and the name, such as Hemosa beach, Melrose street and Santiago Street gas lamps. Stainless steel hinges and polarized lenses are standard for these unique fashion items, offering 100% UVA / UVB protection and high durability. Each pair of glasses is hand dyed, and laser engraving brand logo. Although they are wooden, they are very light and strong. Woodworn is a great choice for people who are tired of ordinary plastic or wire frames.

new Oakley Sunglasses
new Oakley Sunglasses

Nothing is worse than falling into the water, sinking into the sea or in the lake. To this end, Reflekt has created a unique frame material, they call it VaporLite, so that sunglasses can float on the water. Not only that, they use a polarized mirror, there are 14 styles to navigation as the theme, such as Vapor, Nomad, Kraken, Mariner and Seafarer. Reflekt sunglasses also specially designed a non slip nose clip. Although there were other floating sunglasses, but they do not have the Reflekt to provide lifetime warranty service. Reflekt glasses price range of $100-140, significantly lighter than ordinary plastic frames.

new Oakley Sunglasses
new Oakley Sunglasses

After years of research, Oakley and Intel launched Radar Pace smart sunglasses. Radar Pace at first glance like AR glasses, but in fact is the configuration of real-time voice activated coach system, can provide real-time feedback and data analysis for runners, cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, help to improve performance and real-time tracking process. The foakley radar sunglasses have the anti impact, full stop UVA/B/C and up to 400 nm blue light damage features, but also equipped with high definition optical devices, ventilation lens and a removable transparent lens. The voice assisted running bike, as a fitness trainer’s unique features also make it and other products on the market to distinguish.

These unique features of the best replica Oakleys whether you greatly inspired. But sunglasses in addition to features, style is also very important.

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